Information меетинг -MARLENA
  • 28.02.2019 / 12 ч.

Information меетинг

Institute of Market Problems and Economic&Ecological Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is pleased to invite you to participate in Stakeholder Informational meeting of the project...

The event is over

Group of activities are as follows: Joint Management activities-meetings, reporting, Joint implementation activities:

-1st Group: Better cooperation of organizations in BSB - survey on existing policy and legislation, networks and cooperation initiative to reduce river and marine litter in BSB; Development of focus groups: waste management, illegal dumping and landfill sites on riverbanks/protection of the important natural areas from the water pollutions; guide with the good waste management practices of local authorities and environmental organizations, round tables and conferences between the partners, joint platform for signalization for wastes and illegal dumping sites, initiation of cross-border joint actions in 5 languages.

-2 group Straightening capacity of local interested organizations: small –scale investment works will be implemented on the territory of 2 partners for solving common environmental issues: promotion of a good European practice for the use of a separate waste collection system in Bulgaria and Elimination and reduction of illegal dumping and landfill sites on riverbank in Demirkoy, Turkey and turning it into a beautiful park. Capacity building trainings of the local authorities, good practice exchanges.

- 3rd Group: Activities for increasing of the public awareness and enhance of public include: wide awareness campaign in Black sea basin countries including: informational meetings, Preparation responsible-citizenship guidelines for children and students, tourists, and visitors , River and sea-cost clean up informational campaigns, organization of eco actions and eco camps for  enhancing the ecological culture of youth.